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The research aims to describe the study Variables As well as analyzing the relationship between (cognitive abilities and creative performance), and measuring the impact of cognitive abilities in achieving creative performance. In order to find an answer to the research questions and achieve its objectives, the research depends on two main hypotheses: there is a significant correlation between cognitive abilities and the achievement of creative performance, as well as a significant influence relationship for cognitive abilities in enhancing creative performance. The researcher used the analytical method in order to reach the results, and the questionnaire was a main tool in collecting data and information related to the field aspect of the research, and the University of Tikrit / College of Administration and Economics was chosen as a field for research and testing its hypotheses, and the opinions of (90) employees of the mentioned college were surveyed. The most important conclusions were that the dimensions of cognitive abilities achieved statistically significant correlations with creative performance. These results indicate that creative performance depends largely on cognitive abilities, as the more the college under study tends to adopt the dimensions of cognitive abilities and employ them correctly, the more this contributes to achieving and enhancing the creative performance of employees. As for the most important recommendations, the following should be sought to create an environment that supports and maintains the creative performance of working individuals on the one hand, and educational services on the other hand, as well as urging the administration of the college under study to think seriously and with high interest in terms of cognitive abilities and to look at them according to a future strategic perspective because of their Of the positive effects, as well as the need for the college under study to employ the dimensions of knowledge capabilities in its field of work and at all administrative levels according to a purposeful vision in order to achieve creative performance.