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In Andalusian poetry, oppression was an artistic phenomenon, its motives were numerous, and its causes were colored by the colors of its causes and the feelings of its owners. This research represents the endeavor to trace the social motives of this phenomenon, by revealing its dimensions and connotations in the souls of its creators from the Andalusian poets, those whose sense of oppression stifled their lives. So that strength becomes with him the first condition for a life worthy of humanity of man. The research is extracted from the doctoral thesis tagged (Conqueror in Andalusian entitled era of Bani al-Ahmar (635 AH - 798AH) - an analytical study -). The research was based on a preface and two topics: The first: ethnic and religious diversity, which began to form a real conflict on the land of Andalusia. It is an ideological conflict sponsored by the Christians and lit up by the Jews. It is not surprising to see these people trying to pour all their hatred against the sanctities of the nation and the places of its honor and glory. The second: Injustice and prisons and how they reflected on the poet’s life psychologically and intellectually and on the nature of the place’s relationship with artistic creativity, and the extent of his ability to explode the poet’s feelings and deepen his oppression. Then the conclusion and the findings of the research.