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The crime of cyberbullying has recently spread markedly, with the bully using websites such as social media sites, talk forums, blogs, etc., to pass intentional and strongly worded negative messages to gain, insult, wound, and even fling... etc., to distort the image of the receiving individual and harm him and his psyche amounting to depression and suicide to get rid of the bully. So many countries seek to control and reduce this grave crime against members of society by enacting laws and creating bullies. Cyberbullying, trying to raise sis to raise society's awareness of this crime and its dangers and identify deal with it. Existing traditional laws are unable to confront such crimes, necessitating the legislature's intervention in some States to enact modern legislation to counter crimes arising from the use of the Internet to preserve the principle of criminal legality (No crime, no punishment except by text), for the lack of recourse to assessment or analogy in criminal matters, requiring law-makers to manage steps to keep abreast of rapid developments in this technology. Cooperation between legal actors and specialized experts in the information field should be strengthened, reflecting the difference between traditional and Internet-related crimes. The crime of cyberbullying has raised some problems about substantive criminal law in search of the applicability of its traditional provisions while respecting the principle of legality and the narrow interpretation of illegal texts while raising many problems within the scope of procedural criminal law. The Code of Criminal Procedure regulates proceedings relating to conventional offenses; There are no significant difficulties in establishing or investigating them and gathering relevant evidence, subject to the judge's freedom of conviction, to achieve the objective truth about the crime and the offender. Given the unique nature of these crimes, as compared to traditional crimes and how they are encountered, Criminal evidence based on electronic evidence is one of the most prominent developments of modern times in the field of criminal evidence in different legal systems offense ", traditional regulations and rules in an illegal search and proof procedures are no longer appropriate for establishing the violation of cyberbullying either legally or technically, This requires reliance on electronic evidence relevant to the nature of these crimes, which need a particular type of evidence to prove and reach the perpetrators. Study study ", which is electronic evidence, and therefore we have completed this study as follows: