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The aims of the current research is to identify (the impact of Willen and Phillips’ strategy on the achievement of 5th-grade literary students in history and the development of their future thinking). The researcher adopted the experimental design with two equal groups, to suit the nature of the research, and the research sample consisted of (63) students who were deliberately selected from Ibn Khaldoun High School for Boys, and this sample was randomly divided into two groups, one of them was experimental, which included (31) students, and the other control group, which included (32) students. The curriculum for parents and a measure of future thinking the researcher relied on two tools to measure his research variables, an achievement test consisting of (40) items of the type of objective and essay tests and verifying its validity, stability and excellence, and the future thinking scale consisting of (38) items distributed over five domains and its validity, stability and excellence were verified. After completing the experiment, the researcher applied the two research tools to the two research groups, and the results showed that the experimental group outperformed the control group in the achievement test and the future thinking scale.