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This study aims to implement grammatical competence strategies (inductive, inductive, and interactive) in developing students' writing in grammar and their attitudes towards English as a foreign language. To achieve the purpose of the study, the researchers applied the tools to target a sample of the second intermediate grade female students at Maysaloon Girls School in two groups, Experimental and control were used in this study. The experimental group was taught the inductive, deductive, and interactive strategies, and then the control freeware was studied in the traditional way method.While at a time when new trends in language teaching encourage the use of interactive methods of stimulation and keeping student interest, and the constant tendency to keep a teacher-centered approach to teaching English grammar is counterproductive. The most effective methods currently available are monotonous by heart. Learning needs no longer dominate the main part of the lesson. The interactive strategy is multi-skilled and learner-centered and designed to teach a specific grammatical concept will also be introduced. To answer the main research question of whether inductive, deductive, and interactive methods are so the researchers used a more effective introductory method of teaching grammar instead of the traditional method, so grammatical competence plays a significant role in student language. When students have Grammatical Competence, they will be able to develop their writing comprehension. The present study aims to.

  1. Explore the implementation of grammatical competence strategies for teaching writing to intermediate school students.
  2. Whether there is any significant difference between students' achievement at the recognition level and that at the production level?
  3. Whether there is any significant difference between the achievement of experimental groups in the pre and post-test. To verify the aims of this study, the following hypotheses were proposed:
  4. There are statistically significant differences between the mean scores of the control group, taught according to the conventional method, and the mean scores of the experimental group, taught by using the "grammatical competence strategy" in the post-test.
  5. Here are significant differences between the mean scores of students' achievement at the recognition level and those at the production level.