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Greenpeace is one of the largest and most active international non-governmental organizations in the environmental field. It is making great efforts to defend environmental issues at the international level, also To raise awareness of them, and to limit the effects of threats that our planet facing.

Due to the successes it has accumulated, and the developments it has witnessed throughout its struggle, Green Peace was able to prove its presence on the international scene, and its directions and positions have become more accurate at the present time than they were in the past and more effective, after it had a clear impact on the various actors in the field, and it has the potential to exercise its influence in international environmental policy and standards.

On this basis, the problem to be discussed in this study revolves around the extent of the ability of environmental organizations, through the Green Peace Organization model, to pressure and influence international environmental policies and decisions, and to what extent have they been able to become a major actor in this field?