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Western feminists have utilized the power they have acquired from their position in inactive discourses to cast third world women as victims who need the assistance of their western sisters. Structuring third world women in a category or one dimension of analysis as suppressed, savage, subjugated, pawn, helpless, and dependent, have outraged many non-western writers to enhance the exact image of women relying upon their different experiences and resistance methods to the gendered oppression of female and originating empowered examples of women in their literary narratives. The Pakistani-British author Kamila Shamsie offers a fresh perspective on third-world women by highlighting their struggles, contributions, and ordeals as well as their fight to live and fulfill their potential. By incorporating transnational feminist theory as a radical theoretical model to expose and define the west's hegemonic practices, transcending nation-state boundaries, and addressing inequalities globally, this study aims to demonstrate how Shamsie challenges western ideas and stereotypical images