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The divorce is the dangerous phenomenon ,and the problems that face the family ,and threatens its entity and its existence that led to lost ,dissociation and separate her sons ,that is give a negative situation. And very dangerous results on the psychological of the Woman because of the divorce. And what afflicts her of mistrust, skepticism and an inferior view of her among the general public, and what befalls her and the divorced man of reprehensible reputation and the ever-present apprehension in reputation and behavior, and what it produces from the loss of children and cracks in social relations and the disruption of the social fabric within the same society.

Human societies, ancient and modern, have suffered from this phenomenon due to its direct connection to the family and marriage. Nations and peoples have known this phenomenon since the dawn of history, and the heavenly and positive religions were subjected to its treatment and limit its spread. Therefore, the Code of Hammurabi clarified the issue of divorce: its causes, provisions and treatment, according to legal articles that were carefully drafted. And care to reduce its incidence in captivity in order to preserve the structure of the Babylonian society and the cohesion of its internal fabric, as well as the Torah came with many principles, provisions and legislation that limit this phenomenon as well and develop solutions to preserve society from disintegration and collapse, and from this point of view the importance of this study appears to us in a statement He presented this phenomenon and the importance of treating it to protect society.