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The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of the harvest strategy on the development of natural intelligence in female students in the fifth literary grade of geography. Experts and arbitrators. The researcher selected Al-Ghassaneh High School for Girls and Al-Zawraa High School for Girls in the Dhuluiya District Center of the General Directorate of Education in Salah Al-Din Governorate as a sample for the application of his research for the academic year (2020-2021), and it consisted of (60) female students, with (30) students in Al-Ghasaneh High School For females, who represent the experimental group and study using the harvest technique, and (30) pupils at Al-Zawraa Secondary School for girls who represent the control group and study using the traditional method After statistically analyzing the results, the researcher concluded that there are statistically significant differences in the average scores of the students in the two research groups on the scale of natural intelligence in favor of the experimental group, and a number of recommendations and suggestions were presented based on the researcher's findings.