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Sustainable development is one of the topics, or issues related to human rights and freedoms, that countries aim to achieve, because of the importance of employing natural resources that benefit current generations in order to benefit future generations, and sustainable development is not limited to a specific field, but rather It has multiple dimensions, such as the social, economic and environmental dimension, and therefore it is not surprising that we see the factors of correlation and correlation between the environment and sustainable development, as the protection and preservation of the environment is one of the dimensions that sustainable development aims to achieve, and in a way that it is not possible to separate the environment and sustainable development, and that The issue of protecting the environment, and achieving the environmental dimension of sustainable development, is one of the core duties of administrative control agencies in general, and environmental administrative control in particular, as well as its connection to the public order that these bodies or agencies seek to preserve, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws. By protecting the environment and sustainable development, with its means or tools, and the measures it takes, whether related to the preventive aspect or the remedial aspect, as it can manage The ability to achieve the environmental dimension of sustainable development, through the preventive measures that it undertakes, such as prohibiting and licensing to do something, or by notification, that is, notifying the administrative control authorities to carry out a specific activity, in addition to remedial issues, including the imposition of administrative penalties, such as fines and confiscation, Or stopping the activity, in addition to raising civil and criminal liability against violators, which contributes to achieving the dimensions of sustainable development, including the environmental dimension