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The objective of the present research is to reveal the impact of the RED SAP model on the attainment of female students in the fourth grade of literary sociology and to develop their briefing thinking. s Education Directorate/Kirkuk Centre, The researcher selected the Dijla Girls Secondary for the experimental group and the preparations of the popular uprising for girls for the control group to apply his experience, as the experimental group consisted of (30) Student and control group of (32) student, the two researchers performed the process of parity between the two groups in some variables, and the two researchers promised a test for briefing thinking to be from (25) Position within five skills (generating new realizations, generating new concepts, generating new ideas, generating new alternatives and generating new creations) and after teaching the two groups, the researchers applied the research tool to them and found significant statistical differences between the two groups in briefing thinking and in favour of the experimental group, in the light of which a set of conclusions, recommendations and proposals was developed.