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Original Study


The research aimed to identify the degree of development of proactive personalities among adolescent students and youth in the city of Tikrit who represent ages (15-17-19-21) years, according to the variables of age and gender, and to identify the significance of statistical differences between them, and to reveal the degree of perceived positive attitudes towards life they have. As well as a statement of the nature of the correlation between the variables of the current research. The research sample included (200) adolescents and young men from secondary and university students, females and males equally between them, and they were chosen according to the stratified random method, and in order to achieve the objectives of the research, the two researchers modified the scale of both (Hamid Al-Maghmouri, 2019) to measure proactive personalities, and the scale of (Saleh, 2020) To measure perceived positive attitudes towards life, the validity and reliability of the two tools were extracted. The results revealed the existence of an evolutionary path for the proactive personalities of adolescents and young adults, who represent the ages covered by the research, and that all students have perceived positive attitudes towards life, as well as the emergence of a positive correlation between the variables of the current research. It is possible to benefit from the current research in directing the attention of educational and psychological counselors in promoting training and counseling programs for proactive personalities and positive directions towards life among adolescents and youth.