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The problem of the research was manifested through research, observation and field experiment, because the researchers are academic judges and specialists. It was found that the errors that occur during lectures when explaining the football law are related to (mental) variables, so the study aimed to influence the use of specialized mental exercises to develop some mental abilities of the third stage students in The football subject, in addition to knowing its effect on the study variables, while the researchers hypothesized that mental exercises positively affect the development of some mental abilities for third-year students in the subject of football. There are statistically significant differences between the pre and post tests of the experimental and control groups in the development of the study variables, while the researchers followed the experimental approach with the two equal groups to suit the nature of the study. The researchers applied their experience to a sample of (20) students from the third stage in the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences Divided into two groups equally, as for the study variables that included some mental abilities (focus attention, kinesthetic perception, mental perception), as well as ,The researchers applied their mental exercises over a period of (10) weeks and at a rate of (1) unit per week. After completing the post tests, the researchers carried out the statistical treatments using the spss program, and the researchers came up with several conclusions, the most important of which are: the experimental group outperformed the control group in all the tests under review. The study in the post test, which indicates the effectiveness of mental exercises, and that attention to the mental aspect contributes significantly to the cognitive aspect, both of which are reflected in improving the level of arbitration performance, and that mental exercises are an important and helpful method that contributes to the effectiveness of learning some basic tasks for students that serve the level of performance in general.