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Original Study


The research aims to identify:

• Moral Attention among Postgraduate Students.

• Statistically significant differences in moral attention according to gender (male - female), specialization (scientific - human) and degree (Master - PhD)

To achieve the objectives of the research, the researchers chose the research sample from graduate students at the University of Babylon, according to the simple random method, from eight faculties, three humanities and six scientific faculties. The proportionality was applied to the research sample, the moral attention measurement tool that was built by the researchers according to the theoretical framework and the definition adopted by Reynolds (2008), which consists of (26) paragraphs divided into two areas.

• There is a good level of moral attention among graduate students.

• There are no statistically significant differences according to the gender variable, and specialization variable, and according to the certificate variable.

In light of this, the researchers came up with a set of suggestions and recommendations.