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The current study aims at identifying the role of the Iraqi sport satellite channels in restraining turbulence inside the Iraqi football stadiums. The human factor: the sport public of fans association of some sport clubs of the premier league. And the temporal factor: 15/09/2021 to 21/12/2021. The spatial factor: the sport clubs and stadiums of sport public associations of the sport clubs that participate in the premier league. The researcher identifies the community of his study through knowing which teams are the most popular in the Iraqi Premier League for the season of 2020-2021. Three public teams are identified in the clubs of (Aljawiyah, Altalabah and Azzawra’a). The researcher takes a random sample (50 fans) from each public club; so the community of the study becomes (150) fans distributed to three public clubs.Table (1) and diagram (1) show the number of the fans of each club, then the researcher divides the sample to (constant, pilot, and main). The most prominent recommendations are: giving program presenters some TV courses for the sake of editing the meetings appropriately, some program presenters should be characterized with neutrality and transparency in presenting the news, and it is necessary not to increase mobilization by them particularly before critical games.