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Iindividuals live in society and the difficult and harsh life they face, whether it is bad economic or family problems that bombard society as a result of wars and disasters that make a person a sad, miserable and desperate person for life, therefore, the study was based on the knowledge of the factors that surround society and the extent to which these factors affect a problem that has begun to take over from several problems that have surfaced, namely suicide, and the extent to which difficult social factors are linked after the change (2003) of the transformation in the traditions and customs of society under difficult conditions experienced by the people, especially the youth; who lost in hope in everything and the feeling of lack of hope and what caused them deep wounds and confronted them in recent years. The research also dealt with the types of suicide, its factors and theories, and the problems that lead to suicide. It also dealt with the objectives of the research and its major determinants. The research also dealt with the community, its sample, its tools and areas in the third chapter, the research procedures from a temporal and spatial domain, and the difficulties of the study. As for the fourth chapter, it included data analysis, sample homogeneity, sample level, statistical methods, and discussion of the results of the research in all its details.