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The research aims are to find out Jude lavois model effect in acquisition of the Islamic concepts at the Fifth science students and to develop their inductive thinking. And to achieve this goal, The researcher starts to follow the procedures of the experimental Method. he made a teaching plan depending on Jude lavois model. When he makes sure from its validity by showing it to group of experts. The researcher prepared attest to acquire the Islamic concepts and tented the inductive thinking. After he make sure from its truth and stability, he uses the following statistic means (T- Test) for two independent samples, (T- Test) for two linked Samples Pearson correlation coefficient, on- way analysis of Variance, paragraph discrimination factor, paragraph difficulty Factor, the efficacy of the wrong alternatives, Krum Bach's Alpha Equation). After the statistical analysis of the results, the Researcher reached the effectiveness of Jude lavois model in Acquisition of the Islamic concepts and develop the inductive thinking and by the results the researcher achieved, a number of recommendations and suggestion were presented.