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The current research aims at identifying double thinking among university students, differences in double thinking according to the gender variable (male, female), and the specialization variable (scientific, human). To achieve the aims of this research the researcher has built the scale of double thinking that consists of (20) items. The used choices items include: extremely agree, agree, do not know, disagree and extremely disagree. Virtual validity of scale, discrimination coefficient extraction and correlation coefficient of scale's items with the whole degree of scale are checked. The stability of scale is accounted by T-test and Alpha Cronbach which amounted sequently (0,82), (0,86). The researcher has applied the scale on (200) students chosen randomly from Tikrit University Students /third stage. Through the use of statistical aids, the results show that Tikrit University students have double thinking and there is no statistically significant differences appeared according to the gender variable (males, females) and the specialization variable. The researcher also presents several recommendations and suggestions.