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Literature is an artistic treatment of reality. Reproduced from Special linguistic and analytical media are the same that distinguish it from his reality. And give him his identity as a creative phenomenon. Since novel. The most important literary genre in our time. He visualizes truth and social life through technical mechanisms that enable him to confuse the real and the imaginary in one body. In the objective context, the novel took violence as a living substance until it was said that the integrated novel is the one whose components interact within the conscience under the influence of whom. Tragic stems from the heart of the crises of society. On this basis, the more he addressed the reality. Deeply and artistically whenever it is. The aesthetics of that reality in the novelistic text is more convincing for the recipient. The novel Athraa Sinjar by Warid Bader Al-Salem was not isolated. This proposition has been adopted by this novel the issue of violence as a social phenomenon experienced by the Iraqi society in general and the Yazidi people or society in particular, which produced a lot. Of the texts that dealt with violence in its various forms and manifestations. This novel has taken violence as a sign for it, so the research came under the title. The manifestations of violence in the novel “Athraa Sinjar” for Warid Badir Al-Salem, which forced us to present the following forms. What violence? And what a problem. His image is in the novel.