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Original Study


The current research aims to identify (the effect of Dunn and Dunn’s strategy in acquiring philosophical concepts for fifth-grade literary students and developing their national values). The researcher adopted the experimental design with two equal groups, to suit it with the nature of the research. For girls, this sample was randomly divided into two groups, one of them was an experimental group, which included (32) students who studied philosophy and psychology using the Dunn and Dunn strategy, and the other was a control group consisting of (33) students, who studied the same subject in the traditional way. As for the research tool, it was a test for acquiring philosophical concepts consisting of (39) items of the type of multiple choice, and verified its validity and stability, as well as conducting statistical analyzes for its paragraphs. The validity and reliability of this test were calculated, and the results showed that the experimental group outperformed the control group in the test of acquiring philosophical concepts and the national values scale.