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The spectrum formed a distinctive phenomenon in Andalusian poetry in the era of sects. Its motives multiplied according to its use in poetry. It represents the world of visions and dreams in its poetic form after being produced by the poet in such an artistic frame that gives it its special beauty and creativity. This contributes to the explosion of creativity among the poets of the sects era in Andalusia. The poets were affected by the stability of the political, social and even cultural life in that era, which generated excited and interactive souls who sang the spectrum of the beloved, and embodied the anguish of love and passion under a special circumstance that the poet goes through, in a moment of creativity in a special way with certain words and at a specific time. The research is derived from the doctoral dissertation tagged "The Spectrum in Andalusian Poetry in the Age of Sects (400 AH - 484 AH)".The research depends on an abstract which explains and defines the term "spectrum" linguistically and terminologically. In addition the abstract consists of three chapters. The first of which explains the poets longing and nostalgia for the beautiful bygone days. The second involves separation which represents a distinctive motive for the poetry of al-Taif, as the poets hide the intensity of separation while wandering around in their imaginations. the third: the farewell that invites poets to evoke those past moments; to paint the scenic picture of the separation of the homeland, family, or beloved. Finally, the research presents the conclusion and the findings of the research.