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Restriction means there is an absolute in which the restricted comes to limit this absoluteness. The restricted is an absolute with the addition of one or more restrictions that reduces its commonness, and shows that what is intended is one of its types, including the restriction of the adjective. Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon Him) says: “The patience is at the first shock”. The restriction of the adjective (the first) comes to increase and strengthen the benefit. The adjective clarifies the rule of the prescribed (shock), because the more restrictive the rule, the clearer and more specific it becomes. This research tries to reveal adjective restriction in the Prophet Mohammed’s (Peace be upon Him) speech. Consequently, this study is divided into introduction and four demands. In the introduction, the researcher starts to define the contents of the title, meaning of specification, meaning of clarification, meaning of slander and meaning of emphasis. The conclusion includes the most important results, then a list of sources and references.