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Original Study


The current research aims to identify:

1- The degree of homogeneous spatial thinking among middle school students.

2- The statistically significant differences in the degree of homogeneous spatial thinking among middle school students according to the two variables: gender (males - females) and school (distinguished - normal).

To achieve the objectives of the research, the researcher chose the research sample according to the Thomson equation, which amounted to (400) distinguished and ordinary students, they were distributed in a stratified random method with a proportional distribution. Four areas of homogeneous spatial thinking, with (10) paragraphs for the first field, and (8) for each of the three areas. The research, including: The middle school students have a high ability to homogeneous spatial thinking. There were no statistically significant differences for the variables of homogeneous spatial thinking according to the variables: gender (male - female), specialization (scientific - human) and interaction among middle school students. In light of this, the thesis concluded with a number of conclusions, recommendations and suggestions.