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Futsal football is one of the popular games that has taken a large space in the world as a result of local, continental and international tournaments, and this requires attention to this game and the development of the skills, abilities and capabilities of players in order to reach the highest levels of performance, and that the performance of the futsal football scoring skill is closely related to the activity Electromyography of these muscles, which can be developed through the development of special exercises that contribute effectively to the development of indicators of electrical activity (E.M.G) for muscles. The research aims to prepare special exercises in some indicators of electrical muscle activity (E.M.G).

The two men’s muscles and their impact on the development of those indicators and on the development of the scoring skill for young futsal players, and the research community was determined in a deliberate manner by the players of the Naft Al Wasat Futsal Club in Najaf Governorate, who numbered (25) players with goalkeepers and were chosen (20) players randomly as a sample for the research and (5) players were chosen as a sample for the pilot experiment, where the proportion of the sample from the total community was (80%). The cases and conditions of the players, and special exercises have been prepared, the aim of which is to develop indicators of the electrical activity of the muscles of the two legs and to develop the skill of scoring as these exercises for the main section of the first training unit.