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The skill of passing in futsal football for young people requires high sensory-motor abilities that must be taken into account due to the high requirements to perform this skill inside the halls and the small areas of performance. Sensory-motor perception plays an important role in developing the perception of the body and its movements during the learning and development of the passing skill, which helps the learner to appreciate his own potential. The research aims to prepare special exercises and to identify the effect of those exercises in developing some of the sensory-motor abilities and the scoring skill of young football players (futsal). The research community was determined by the intentional method with the players of Naft Al-Wasat football club in Najaf Governorate, which numbered (25) players with goalkeepers, and (20) players were randomly selected as a sample for research, and (5) players were chosen as a sample for the exploratory experiment, where the percentage of The sample of the total population is (80%), the researcher identified the most important sensory-motor abilities. Special exercises were prepared, the aim of which is to develop sensory-motor perception capabilities and develop the skill of passing.