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The study aimed to prepare exercises specific to the physical variables that (connecting inward to the medial side, opening outward to the lateral side, pulling the right leg with a weight of -10 kg, pulling the left leg with a weight of -10 kg) and the skill variables that (control and control of the ball, running with the ball between five figures, Shooting the ball to the farthest distance) for the players of Musayyib Sports Club for football aged (15-16) years, in which the used (design for two equal groups) with the test (pre-test and post-test) for its suitability and the nature of the problem and to achieve the objectives of the research. And according to the research community identified the players of Al-Musayyib Sports Club football and their age (15-16) years for the sports season (2020-2021), and their number is (26) players, and according to the sample of them was tested, it consisted of (20) players and by the intentional way and their division For the purpose of research experiment of (10) players in each of the two research groups (experimental and control). After completing the testing process for the research variables for the two tests (pre and post), and after applying the research experiment, the following results were found:

- The experimental group's training of the variables (physical and skill) was more developed for the players of the Musayyib Sports Club in football at the ages of (15-16) years compared to the exercises of the control group.

- Attention and focus on exercises for physical and skill tests during the performance of exercises for all age groups for the purpose of knowing the extent to which players are affected during the training unit. Football coaches should use appropriate exercises that develop physical abilities.