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The importance of the research lies in exhibiting the relationship of knock knees with the accuracy of the performance of dribbling skill in futsal for female students, which may infect some female students if it is not treated early. As for the research problem, the lack of awareness of the aspects of posture leads to the wrong posture habits, which leads to the injury of deformities of body, that can be easily treated if they are discovered early before turning into advanced deformities that need surgical intervention. Through the work of the two researchers in the field of teaching and following-up some cases of posture deformities, they noticed that there are some postural deformities that affect female students, including the knock knees of some students. These deformities could be ascribed to shyness or incorrect habits. From this point of view, there are some factors that affect the proper erect posture that the students must follow them, including standing, walking and running correctly. Due to the lack of studies conducted in this field, the researchers, by this research, attempt to examine the relationship between the knock knees and the accuracy of the performance of the skill of dribbling in the futsal, by applying it on a sample of students with knock knees and their recovery or improvement of the condition of these abnormalities if they are treated early and continuously. The aim of the research is to study, statistic and highlight the relationship of knock knee and its impact on the accuracy of performance of the skill of dribbling in futsal for female students.