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The importance of the research lies in explaining the importance of rehabilitating exercises using the designed aids in deformities of head fall and soccer scoring that may affect some female students if they are not treated early.

As for the research problem، the lack of awareness of the aspects of posture leads to the wrong posture habits، which leads to the injury of deformities of body، and that these deformities can be easily treated if they are discovered early before turning into advanced deformities that need surgical intervention. Through the work of the two researchers in the field of teaching and follow-up of some cases deformities of posture، they noticed that there are some deformities of posture that affect female students، including frontal head-fall that could be ascribed to shyness or incorrect habits. Considering the safety of the student posture deformities، there are some factors that affect the proper erect posture that the students must follow، including that the head position should be moderate as well as that the shoulders should be naturally. Due to the lack of studies conducted in this field، or their absence in finding rehabilitation exercises that are actually applied to a sample of students with frontal head-fall and their recovery or improvement of the condition of these deformities If it is treated early and continuously، and according to the researchers' knowledge also، there are no aids designed to improve these deformities in indoor stadiums(futsal)، so، they worked on finding Rehabilitative exercises (preventive - curative) and aids for these posture deformities can be used in futsal training.

The aim of the research was to identify the effect of rehabilitative exercises by means of aids in frontal head-fall deformities futsal scoring for female students.