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That curriculum as a series of experiences intended and directed to achieve certain goals is considered as the basic tool of the educational process. The stages of scouting are cubs, scouts, advanced scouts, and roving scouts. The scout curriculum carries with it the basic rules on which the scouting movement was based. The most important of which is religious, social, national, health, artistic and scouting education, Scout camps are fun for school preparation and are suitable for some changes. It can be avoided in the official school curriculum, and obtaining high-level results during their participation, so these directorates must provide the necessary capabilities for this stage. So, the researcher perseveres to find out what are the possibilities that must be available for the success of scouting camps? Therefore, has been chosen (73) admin to study from the participating teams in the talented camp, 24 supervisors and administrators were selected as the main application sample to the measure of capabilities prepared by the researcher. After collecting the data and processing it statistically using the statistical bag (spss).