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Original Study


The study aimed to identify the strategic values impact on the strategic orientation for Minors Care department /Ministry of Justice, to achieve this goal, the researcher resorted to the descriptive analytical approach to collecting data in the light of the questionnaire, which is the main tool for the study, as well as analyzing this data through a set of statistical methods (SPSS24). The study was applied in the field of the Department of Care for Minors, the General Department and its affiliated directorates in Baghdad while the study community was represented by administrative, legal and accounting staff and at all administrative levels) The number of (200) employees, a sample was drawn from them according to the equation (Richard Jaeger) to be represented by (132) individuals, the questionnaire was distributed to them and (125) questionnaires were retrieved, (117) of which were valid for statistical analysis. The study concluded that the strategic values of the Ministry of Justice affect the strategic orientation of the Department of Care of Minors, and that the most influential values are (embodiment of human rights principles, respect for time, belief in professional creativity and institutional excellence, transparency and justice in the application of laws) that represented moral values in strategic orientation for Department of Care of Minors. The study recommended deepening these values and moving away from the resonant values that do not affect the strategic orientation of the department.