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Taekwondo is one of the sports that has its own peculiarity in terms of being affected by functional variables and sports training methods and techniques. The specificity of its impact is highlighted by the nature of the competition, as it is one of the games that have direct contact with the competitor, and this is an additional factor in the training burden on players and coaches. The research aims to identify the effect of the dynamic lactic style exercises on some of the biokinetic abilities and endurance of the compound front kick performance of the advanced Taekwondo players and for weights (54, 58, 63) kg, to achieve this goal, the researchers used the experimental method by designing two equal groups (control and experimental), then the research community was determined by the players of Al-Shurta and Al-Amana sport clubs in Taekwondo for the weights (54, 58, 63) kg, whose number is (15) players of them the researchers chose a sample of (12) players in a random manner. They were divided into two groups (control and experimental) six players per group, each of them performs (3) separate measurement attempts. The training program for dynamic lactic exercises was applied to the experimental group for a period of ten weeks, three units per week, and the researchers used statistical laws to extract the results.