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There are many factors that affect sports training to develop and improve skill and physical performance, including the use of modern training methods and employ them according to specifics of sports, especially taekwondo. It has become necessary for specialists, researchers and sport experts to develop scientific training thought for the various applied aspects and topics related to the nature of competition. Considering all these factors, the research goal seeks:

-To identify the effect of Tabata style exercises on some physiological indicators and endurance of compound front kick performance for advanced Taekwondo players and for weights (54, 58, 63) kg.

-To achieve this goal, the researchers used the experimental method by designing two equal groups (control and experimental).

The research community was determined by the players of the Al-Shurta and Al-Amana Clubs in Taekwondo for weights (54, 58, 63) kg, whose number were (15) players. Then the researchers chose a sample of (12) players in a stratified random manner and dividing them into two groups (control and experimental), six players for each group, each of them performs (3) different situations of measurements. The Tabata training program was applied to the experimental group for a period of ten weeks, three units per week, after that the data was analyzed using statistical means to extract the results.