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The aim of the study is to prepare muscular endurance exercises and determine their effect on the development of some biokinetic abilities and the depth of the forehand and backhand in tennis players aged 14-15 years. Through the work of specialized researchers and observation of most championships, they have found that forehand and backhand performance is deficient in most juniors. The performance is characterized by slowness, weakness and the inability of the player to benefit directly from this ability. They discovered that junior players perform the forehand and backhand weakly, making it easier for competitors to return, and the researchers attribute this to the low level of muscular ability among junior players, so the researchers went through this attempt and used the experimental method with two equal groups in the pre and post-tests, and the research community was represented by Baghdad players aged 14-15 years. 15 players were divided into three groups: 5 for the exploratory experiment, 5 for the control sample, and 5 for the experimental sample, where tribal and dimensional measurements were taken and the results were discussed before reaching the following conclusion. Muscular endurance exercises have a positive effect on developing some biokinetic abilities and the depth of the forehand and backhand for tennis players aged 14-15.