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The aim of the research is to prepare muscular endurance exercises and to identify their effect in developing some biokinetic abilities and the depth serve of tennis players for ages 14-15 years. Through the work of specialized researchers and observation of most of the tournaments, they found that there is a deficiency in the performance of the serve skill for most of the juniors. Where the performance in the serve is slow and weak, and the player is unable to directly benefit from this skill, and they discovered that the junior hits the serve weakly, making it easier for competitors to return. The researchers attribute this to young players' lack of muscular ability, so the researchers went through this scientific attempt and used the experimental method with two equal groups in the pre and post-tests. The research community represented Baghdad players ages 14-15 years, with 15 players divided into three groups, 5 players for the exploratory experiment, 5 players for the control sample, and 5 players for the experimental sample, where the pre and post-test were made and the results were discussed, the following conclusion was reached: there is a positive effect of muscular endurance exercises in developing some biokinetic abilities and the development of the dept.