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The research problem was the importance of the acquisition of these skills for the child, especially in the early stages of his life, since the researcher noticed that some children have weaknesses in their cognitive abilities. This led him to study this important aspect and look for the reasons that lead to the development of such weakness by determining the level of their cognitive abilities. Then he should work to develop them through a program of educational games and benefit from some games in the development of this important aspect in the child's life. The aim of the study is to create a program of educational games for the development of cognitive skills of children in Riyadh aged 4-5 years and to determine the effect of a program of educational games in the development of these cognitive skills. According to the findings, the educational games program had a positive impact on developing the cognitive abilities of Riyadh children aged (4-5) years, and there is a clear preference for the program prepared in developing those abilities in Riyadh children aged (4-5) years between the control and experimental groups. In favor of empiricism, the researcher recommended the use of educational games in kindergartens due to their importance in developing children's cognitive abilities.