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The research problem focused: through the field experience of the researchers and their presence in the educational process and their observation of the educational units and their acquaintance with many research studies, they noticed that there are a large number of students in the third stage who suffer from difficulty in mastering the wall of volleyball because it is of a complex nature and they need a large amount of time in To master it correctly, so the researchers decided to delve into this experiment by preparing a strategy (S.W.O.M) and knowing its effect on the variables investigated. As for the research objectives, they are: Recognizing the effect of the stomach strategy and the strategy followed by the subject teacher in developing the flexibility and skill of the volleyball block wall for students. The experimental method was also adopted in the manner of two equal groups to implement the vocabulary of the prepared strategy, and the research community was determined by the third students, numbering (28) students, and the sample was divided equally into two experimental and control groups. As for the most important conclusions, they are: The (S.W.O.M) strategy prepared by the researchers helped greatly in developing the flexibility of the sample, as well as the time period during which the strategy was applied helped in developing the accuracy of the volleyball block. As for the most important recommendations, they are: The necessity of using the (S.W.O.M) strategy in developing motor abilities, conducting similar studies on different age groups and activities.