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Original Study


The following question was posed to outline the research problem: What is the ideal method (according to McCarthy's model) for learning the fencing game that is strongly associated with creative thinking?

The first chapter described the research method and field procedures, relying on the descriptive approach, and the study sample was divided into a preparatory sample for a creative thinking scale, a pilot test sample, and the main application sample. The researchers did a lot of creative work to bring the project into its final form, and performed statistical measurements. The third chapter describes the results of the McCarthy model learning patterns and their relevance to creative thinking in fencing. As for the results and suggestions of the study (students differ in their learning processes and their ability to comprehend new experiences such as fencing), students' learning styles are related to the creative thinking of fencing in many ways. Meanwhile, the suggestions (adopting each student's learning styles and characteristics in that style to teach new experiences and create curricula for each group).