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The importance of the research lies in the use of functional training in a sound scientific manner, as researchers believe that it will have an impact on the explosive ability that directly participates in the skill of shooting from (3 points) basketball for advanced players.

As for the research problem: Through the field experience of the researchers, they noticed a large number of trainers’ reliance on commonly applied training methods and methods, and the scarcity of their use of modern training methods, including the functional training method, which is one of the modern training methods that have occurred recently, in which high-intensity and short-time training is used, and this is commensurate with With the nature and characteristics of the game and thus improving the explosive ability, which is reflected in the level of performance under the conditions of extreme work and the upgrading of the physical and skill level. Through the foregoing, the research problem can be summarized in the following question:

Does the use of functional training have a positive effect on the explosive ability and shooting skill of (3 points) basketball for advanced players?

The most important recommendations included the following: The researchers recommend the adoption of functional exercises as basic data when training basketball players, the need to legalize the training load for functional exercises to suit the quality of practitioners in terms of gender, biological and training age, because they have a high impact on the body during performance.