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This research aims to prepare rehabilitation exercises with accompanying aids for soccer players with reconstructed anterior cruciate ligament and to determine the effect of rehabilitation exercises with accompanying aids on some motor functions of soccer players with reconstructed anterior cruciate ligament. The experimental method was chosen for its suitability to the nature of the problem to be solved, and the research community identified the injured players in sports clubs in the province of Babylon for the first degree and excellent in football, numbering (10) players for the season (2021-2022). Perform motor function tests (deep squat, blocker step, line lunge, active leg raise straight, trunk stability, quad rotational stability, shoulder movement). If the total score for the seven movements is less than (14) points, the athlete suffers from injury and the best score is (14 to 21), and the qualification program lasted (12) weeks with (36) qualification sessions three sessions a week. The study came to a number of conclusions, including the fact that the rehabilitation curriculum prepared with accompanying aids has a positive impact on the motor functions of the knee joint (anterior cruciate ligament). A quick review in the event of an injury to prevent complications and a quick return to normal is one of the recommendations that researchers make to emphasize the spread of health awareness among athletes.