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The concepts of social spending and sustainable development are among the important concepts that will be addressed, then show the impact of social spending on important social sectors that directly affect the life of the individual, and of those sectors of importance (education and health), which will be addressed as independent variables that directly affect the sustainable development index in Study country (Singapore) during the study period (2004- 2020) , As for the dependent variable, which will have the effect of the independent variables, the Human Development Index (HDI) will be adopted as a dependent variable as an important and basic indicator of sustainable development. the ARDL method, after measuring the regression of the variables of the study and testing the limits of joint integration, it was found that there is a relationship of joint integration of the estimated model, so the analysis was done according to the short and long terms. The study concluded that there is a positive impact of social spending on the education and health sectors on the sustainable development index, in the short and long term , Then the study reached a set of recommendations, the most important of which was that the government in Singapore should continue spending on the education and health sectors in the same percentage or increase it, in order to maintain the momentum of the achieved success and its sustainability at the global level, as well as increase support for the various economic sectors, especially the sectors that are considered The nerve and engine of the economy such as industry, agriculture and trade, with the need to urge foreign companies to contribute to the transfer of modern technology, as well as increase investment in capital- intensive technology, being more competitive in global markets.