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The development of metalinguistic awareness is an essential component of teacher preparation. Enhancing students' metalinguistic understanding of their different skill successes is essential. As a result, teachers should use a range of techniques for increasing metalinguistic awareness, such as word recognition, syntactic understanding, and vocabulary recognition exercises. However, these strategies are exclusively geared toward school-aged children. Because metalinguistic awareness is a component of all levels of education. Numerous studies have demonstrated that effective learners self-regulate their learning processes using metacognitive information and strategies. Effective learners demonstrate a high level of language control and analysis in a language learning context. It is therefore critical to foster learners' metalinguistic awareness, as metalinguistic awareness enables learners to exert greater control over their oral and written communication abilities. Additionally, it enables children to understand the significance of the messages they read or hear. Additionally, to the fact that they may greatly favour career prospects, these two benefits have an effect on learners' social status.