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By noting the researchers as they specialize in the racket games. Young squash players have an insufficient performance of some essential skills, and the inability to choose the required skill in proportion to different playing situations. Therefore, the researchers determined to study this issue by relying on the use of a variety of skill training. It aims to provide various different responses (in force, speed, direction, and distance) to the forehand and backhand of squash players. The objectives of the research were to prepare a variety of exercises in learning the forehand and backhand for squash players. Identifying the impact of the diversity of exercises on learning and development Forehand and backhand stroke for young squash players. The researchers used the experimental method by designing (the two equal groups with a pre- and post-test) in order to suit the nature of the problem and achieve the objectives of the research. The research sample represented the entire research community, and they are the Iraqi youth squash players for the 2021 season, which number (12) players. The most important conclusions were that the effect of various exercises on learning had a positive impact on the development of the forehand and backhand for squash players.