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Recreational activities are one of the most significant items that tend to the soul. That individual’s offer with longing and enthusiasm. It is one of the most successful forms to add fun, pleasure, and psychological happiness. Because it achieves educational and pedagogical objectives. In addition to upgrading the functional organs of the body for the various parts of the body. As the main goal of recreation is to help the individuals involved in it so that they obtain a peak of happiness and contentment. In addition, taking advantage of their spare time so that they benefit from it. Several benefits, including physical, health, social, cultural, and artistic, according to the type of activity carried out. The concept of psychological happiness is also fundamental in positive psychology because of its high place in human history. Everyone in different cultures has sought happiness as a supreme goal of life because it is linked to a positive mood, satisfaction with life and its quality, and achieving optimism. This meaning is considered somewhat closer to the concept of quality of life, which means the individual's feeling of happiness and satisfaction in order to achieve his goals and his ability to develop and grow in a way that makes him able to live and act freely and happily and become a quality distinct from others. It is reflecting its trends, although the main purpose of psychology is to enable the individual to live a long life in which he feels happy. It aimed to determine psychological happiness by building a scale for students of the University of Babylon, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, first stage.

1- Preparing and implementing recreational activities for students, University of Babylon, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, the first stage.

2- Identifying the differences in the effectiveness of recreational activities in the psychological happiness of students, University of Babylon, College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, first stage.