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Original Study


The study is aimed to identify the most important problems of using E-learning in teaching social studies from the teachers’ point of view in the city centre of Kirkuk. The writer has used the descriptive research method that fits with the current research. The inquiry form is used as a tool for the research, and it consists of (36) paragraphs distributed over three axes, the first axis consists of(10)paragraphs, the second axis consists of (17)paragraphs, and the third one consists of (9)paragraphs. The sample of the current study consisted of teachers of social studies in Kirkuk's city centre schools for the first course in (2020-2021). The number of teachers reached (39). It has distributed over(15) schools. The researcher used the statistical means(Pearson correlation coefficient, the mathematical average, the proportional weight). The coefficient of the questionnaire stability has reached (0.88).The results of the study that the researcher has concluded through the number of paragraphs that were considered(33)problems from(36)paragraphs. The most important recommendations: Making developing courses for teachers of social studies on how to use programs and electronic technologies in teaching social sciences.