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The Cognitive self-regulation has a great importance in the lives of learners and it is an indicator of their level of education. It is a process that the learners perform in order to achieve the goals of learning and absorb the different subjects, implementation and self-direction, and then self-evaluate them, by comparing the success of the goals that have been achieved, The self-regulation is for the learner to be organized so that this leads to achieving goals in the shortest time and least effort possible, Most studies have emphasized the importance of cognitive self-regulation and its role in the educational process, as there are many evidences that confirm that academic achievement directly depends on the ability to self-regulate behaviour, motivation and environment in proportion to the requirements of the educational situation. Cognitive and motivational factors. The process of self-regulation has to do with making decisions, and it is a difficult process because it is related to choosing the appropriate alternative in order to reach the right decisions. The current study aimed to identify the level of cognitive self-regulation among middle school students and the significance of the differences in the level of cognitive self-regulation among middle school students according to the variables of gender (male, female) and specialization (scientific, literary), the movement was made and applied to a sample consist from 200 (male and female) middle school students from Baquba city / Diyala governorate. researchers adopted the self-regulation of learning scale by (Purdie) after elicitation the psychometric properties of the scale. The results of the study showed that the research sample has a good level of cognitive self-regulation, the results indicate that there are statistically significant differences in cognitive self-regulation between males and females for the sake of females, while there are no significant differences in the level of cognitive self-regulation on the basis of scientific specialization.