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Individualistic and collectivistic cultures are both the controversial subjects that philosophers have no consensus agreement on which is superior and has the greater value. Whether it is the individual or the group? Ludwig Von Mises (1881-1973) is one of the most prolific philosophers of the twentieth century and a critique of collectivism. He showed a concern for defending individual freedoms, which are essential for lasting peace and prosperity, he is also concerned with combating collectivism. This paper uses this theory of individualism versus collectivism to explore two novels of the twentieth century; Herbert George Wells, (1866-1946) Kipps (1905) and Edith Wharton’s (1862- 1937) The Age of Innocence (1920). This paper will study the critiques of both authors in this field. There would be protagonists confronting collectives. In that since, this paper will study the effect of the society on the individual and how a certain culture would be an obstacle for the goals of the individual.