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The research included identifying some of the motor abilities of the young walkers in the sample, and then preparing a training program using modern training aids that matches the capabilities of the research sample. Also, to identify the effect of the training program using modern training methods in developing some of the kinetic components of walking among the young research sample members. The experimental method was used for its convenience, in order to solve the research problem on a sample of walking athletes - Al-Kut National Walking Center - Wasit Governorate, the youth category between the ages of 18-19 years, and their number (10) contestants constituted (90%), and their number was (12) contestants from original search community. They were chosen by the intentional method and it was confirmed that they are moderately distributed on the normal distribution curve of Causs. Then they were randomly distributed into two groups: control and experimental, with five contestants for each group. The equivalence of the sample in the researched abilities was also verified, and the training program was prepared according to the capabilities of the research sample members. Modern training methods were employed, including sticks, tools, ropes and kits. The training curriculum was implemented on April 17, 2021 and ended on June 19, 2021 with two training units per week for a period of eight weeks. The SPSS statistical package was used to extract the research results. The researcher concluded that the use of aids in modern training within a training program increased the effectiveness of the performance of kinetic abilities in terms of flexibility, agility and balance in the training program according to the abilities investigated, which contributed to the development of capabilities of the kinetic walking contestants among the sample members. The research recommended the need to take advantage of the training program prepared by the researcher and to take advantage of the means used to develop harmonic capabilities by using modern means for the researcher and to prepare them for tournaments.