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The attribution rules are the first technical means by which the law applicable to disputes with a foreign element is Since the attribution rule is raised in international determined, Including the electronic information supply contract disputes, service contract, which is often associated with more than one Where the contract I concluded through the Internet legal system, Among the controls between two parties of different nationalities, that the judge relies on in determining the applicable law is the In principle of authority of administrative (The Administrative Law) determining the law applicable to traditional or electronic and that The Administrative Law is international trade contracts, the contracting parties to establish a contract between them that Determining the law applicable to it, and contains all the details, this principle is considered a legal base based on the rule (The Despite the importance of the administrative law Sharia contract) (The principle of Administrative power) in determining the law applicable to traditional or electronic international trade contracts, However, in applying this rule, it may be a means of pressure by. Especially in the field of the strong party on the weak party. Electronic international commercial contracts, including the Which service contract for the supply of electronic information, requires us to search for appropriate solutions to the problem experienced by the weak party, the electronic customer (The That is why we will address in this research the consumer) position of international agreements and comparative legislation on the administrative law, and then how to choose the applicable. Finally, the appropriateness of applying the law (The chosen law). Administrative Law in consumer protection.