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The research aims to identify the effect of flexible work arrangements, which is (a process of modifying the work system resulting from technological developments, especially in the field of communications, in order to allow the employee to work freely in the place and time of work, in addition to its impact on reducing work turnover, which is (changes that occur in the work strength resulting from the quit, withdrawal or firing the employees, and the recruiting new employees to replace them). The exploratory approach is used to measure the variables basing on an electronic questionnaire form (Google Forms) prepared for this purpose, then it was distributed to 82 faculty members and employees working in some faculties of the University of Mosul, which are (College of Administration and Economics - College of Environmental Sciences and Technologies - College of Islamic Sciences - College of Agriculture and Forestry). The statistical program (IBM SPSS Statistics 22) was used to analyze the collected data and show the results. The research results showed that employees can perform their jobs from outside the work office with no commit to a physical location for work, but depending on new ideas to solve the problems they face by relying on various means of communication such as (mobile phone - e-mail,..etc.). Finally, the research recommends that the job should be compatible with the employee’s personal values as well as with his personal ambitions, leading to him not to give up his job if he gets a better job.