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This research aims at knowing the impact of digital marketing on organizational prosperity. The researcher also distributed (86) questionnaires to employees in the Asia Cell Company, Nineveh branch, and the number of the retrieved questionnaires was (79), all were valid for statistical analysis, with a response rate of (91%), and they were analyzed by using the statistical program (Spss) as well as the program the statistician (Excel) The importance of the research came due to the lack of researches that tried to determine and know the nature of the relationship between the study variables (digital marketing, organizational prosperity).This research also attempt to address a real problem that directly affects the telecommunications sector in Iraq. The presentation of the previous literature showed the existence of a knowledge gap to explain the nature of the relationship between digital marketing and organizational prosperity in general and in Asiacell in particular.The analysis reveals that there was an influence relationship between the research variables, which is direct impact relationship between (digital marketing and organizational prosperity). Hence, we conclude that if the employees in Asiacell Company will follow the digital marketing method, that will lead to a higher production of the organization’s work by attracting and retaining customers, and as a result, improving the level of success of the organization. In addition to the continued interest of Asiacell in Nineveh Governorate in digital marketing, which has a major role in organizational prosperity.